River Room


RIVER ROOM EVENTS: (Weekdays/Off Season) $100 

  Private event parties/Non-Profit Rate/Local Artist Show

  Up to 50 people.* 

RIVER ROOM EVENTS: (Weekdays) $150 

 • Small Business/ and public) 

 • Corp. Private 

  Up to 50 people *  Call for rates for recurring events

RIVER ROOM EVENTS: (Weekend) $250 

 • Large private events

 • Small Business/ and public 

 • Corp. Private 

  Up to 100 people* 

WEDDINGS & CATERED EVENTS(Weekend Dates/ High Season) $1000.00 

  Up to 100 people*

  Event with prior day Décor/ Setup time

  Full access to PA system 

  Setup services available. (Call for details) 

*Call for details for events over 100 people and for appointments* 

218 -766- 3837

ALA CARTE - Daily Rental Add-ons

PA Rental - $50 

Screen with projector - $50 

DVD with sound setup - $25 

Additional Parking (Over 50 vehicles) $Call

Greenspace Reserve (Tents, Food Trucks, Outdoor Ceremony) $Call

*Events 100-200 people require arrangement for additional bathroom provisions $Call


Checks should be made out to Local 303 Co.